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Vitamin Infusion


IV vitamin therapy is a means by which nutrients are given to a patient through their circulatory system. An intravenous solution contains a specially balanced combination of vitamins and minerals. By administering the solution intravenously, it ensures maxim absorption since it is put straight into your bloodstream.

What to expect?

IV vitamin therapy is an effective and minimally invasive therapy that is well tolerated by most patients. It carries a low risk of serious adverse side effects. If the solution is administered quickly, there may be a sensation of warmth and flushing. This is due to the rapid rise of magnesium. Some patients may also have the taste of vitamins in their mouth shortly after the infusion is started; however, this can be limited by having a meal before coming in for an IV and having a healthy snack on hand to enjoy throughout the infusion. Because it accesses the bloodstream, IV vitamin therapy should be administered only by a licensed provider who can ensure the delivery is safe and the dosage is effective.

How many infusions are required?

Patients vary in the number of treatments needed, but most require infusions one to two times per week. Some patients experience improvement after only three treatments, and many report significant healing by the fifth or sixth infusion. Patients who have chronic conditions may need ongoing treatment of several IV’s per week, or periodically every few weeks.
Benefits of Vitamin Therapy

◦ Supplies essential nutrients in patients with malabsorption problems
◦ Stimulates and supports immune system
◦ Improves circulation and unblocks arteries
◦ Decreases aches and pains
◦ Increases cellular detoxification
◦ Increases body’s ability to heal

Energy Infusion

These vitamins together work to boost your energy levels throughout the day preventing fatigue. Stimulates production of natural hormones and oxygen distribution essential for increased energy, strength and alleviation of symptoms connected with depression and pain. It also activates fatigue fighting enzymes responsible for energy and digestion of food.

Vitamin B12 | Vitamin B5 | Vitamin B6 | Vitamin B1

Immunity Infusion

This combination of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals will have you feeling healthy in no time. They work together to heal wounds, get rid of damaging free radicals and increase production of illness fighting white blood cells, therefore, drastically decreasing your time of recovery and illness prevention.

Vitamin C | Lysine | Zinc

Myers Cocktail Infusion

This cocktail of vitamins and minerals is a combination that was created by Dr. John Myers to treat a large number of clinical conditions. It allows the patient to receive the full benefit of the vitamins and minerals administered, leading to overall body maintenance and increased health.
Calcium | Magnesium | B12 | B6 | B5 | C

Anti-Aging Infusion

This infusion combination works together to prevent muscle and skin degeneration, protection from harmful, aging free radicals, improves brain and nerve health, all while rejuvenating your skin, eyes, hair and nails.
Coenzyme Q10 | Glutathione | Biotin | Vitamin C

Anti-Inflamatory Infusion

Fibromyalgia, gluten sensitivities, CRP and many other ailments are linked with inflammation. This specifically constructed mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants significantly contribute to the body’s ability to decrease inflammation of all kinds.
Vitamin C | Vitamin B6 | Vitamin A | Vitamin E | Vitamin K | Lipoic Acid

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