Stem cell therapy is an emerging option proven successful by scientists, researchers, and doctors who utilize this treatment for a number of conditions, including chronic pain. These treatments have reduced the need for prescription medication and surgery, and have become a trusted method toward pain management.
The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself, and through stem cell therapy, we use a person’s own stem cells to repair damaged tissue and regenerate new healthy tissue.

Cells can be gathered from several locations in the body, but are most commonly taken from bone marrow and fat (adipose tissue). Particularly for pain management, bone marrow seems to be the most effective at treating painful conditions and injuries.

It takes almost three weeks and sometimes six-eight weeks for most patients to feel some level of improvement. Continued improvement can expand over six months.

As positive research in the field of regenerative medicine grows, stem cell therapy has become a game changer as a non-medication method toward accelerating healing, regenerating tissue, and combating pain. It has helped so many people overcome pain and mobility issues, and restore their quality of life.

Stem cell treatments are a viable treatment option for conditions and injuries including:
◦ Sprains and strains
◦ Broken bones
◦ Achilles tendonitis
◦ Rotator cuff tears
◦ Osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid arthritis
◦ Back pain, commonly lower back pain
◦ Sciatica
◦ Neck pain
◦ Tendonitis
◦ Torn meniscus

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