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Conditions We Treat

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Lower Back Pain
This fairly common occurrence due to a number of factors such as a herniated disc, sciatica or arthritis, can dramatically affect your daily functioning.
Upper Back Pain
Upper back pain is often the result of overuse, muscle strain, or injury to the muscles, ligaments, and discs that support your spine, and can even be caused by poor posture.
Wrist Pain
Even simple hand movements can be hampered by wrist pain due to long-term ailments such as arthritis, repetitive stress or carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as sudden injuries.
Shoulder Pain
Several joints combining with tendons and muscles comprise the shoulder and allow a wide range of motion in the arm. Shoulder pain can cause major mobility issues.
Neck Pain
The neck is a vital part of your body that supports your mobility. Experiencing neck pain or stiffness can be the result of ailments such as strained muscles from poor posture or osteoarthritis.
Hip Pain
The hip - the body’s largest ball-and-socket joint - can withstand repeated motion and a fair amount of wear and tear, however when damaged, the pain can be excruciating.
Knee Pain
Knee pain, which includes long-term pain, swelling, or sensitivity, can be the result of an injury, medical condition including arthritis or gout, or even just from daily use.
Cancer Pain
Cancer pain takes many forms, and the pain is contingent upon a number of factors including the type of cancer you have, how advanced your illness is and where it is situated.

Other Conditions

Arm/Leg Pain
Failed Back Syndrome
Chronic Post-Surgical Pain
Motor Vehicle Accident Related Injuries
Musculoskeletal Pain
Groin Pain
Foot and Ankle Pain
Post Stroke Syndromes

Spasticity Related Pain
Diabetic and other Peripheral Neuropathy
Phantom Limb Pain
Myofascial Pain
Post Herpetic Neuralgia/Shingles

RSD, CRPS, Causalgia, Intercostal Neuralgia)
Joint Pain
Headache/Facial Pain
Spinal Cord Injuries
Cancer Pain
Many other causes of pain

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