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Prolotherapy (Proliferation Therapy) is a fairly new alternative therapy method designed to help repair ligaments. Also known as regenerative injection therapy, this stimulates the body’s healing processes to strengthen and repair injured and painful joints and connective tissue.

With its unique ability to directly address the cause of the instability, repair the weakened areas and produce new collagen tissue, joint stabilization is achieved, and thus pain typically subsides and goes away. This form of therapy has less risk than a traditional approach like surgery, and proves to be more long-lasting. Studies have shown that 85%-95% of patients experience improvement with prolotherapy in comparison to studies showing a 52% improvement with back surgery.

Unlike stem cell therapy or PRP which uses your body’s own cells and plasma to aid in the treatment process, prolotherapy is an injection that contains a potential irritant, such as a dextrose solution, to trigger the body’s healing response. Once activated by the irritant, the body will start to strengthen and repair ligaments in the damaged area.

Other areas/problems to treat can include:
◦ Low back or mid-back pain including degenerative disc disease and sacro-iliac joint instability/dysfunction
◦ Neck pain
◦ Knee pain or tears
◦ Wrist or hand pain
◦ Osteoarthritis
◦ Shoulder pain including rotator cuff tears
◦ Elbow pain including golfers or tennis elbow
◦ Foot pain including plantar fasciitis
◦ Ankle pain or instability
◦ Hypermobility
◦ Osteitis pubis
◦ IT band syndrome
◦ Piriformis syndrome
◦ Temporal mandibular joint syndrome (TMJ)
◦ Other musculoskeletal pain or injury

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