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Committed to helping our patients achieve the highest level of functionality

Vincent R. Carlesi, MD

Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Specialist

My personal philosophy regarding the relief of pain is to improve the quality of life through personalized, state of the art accessible care. Thinking out of the box approach to pain management is key today due to the many constraints we are up against regarding pain management. I value my patients and our referral sources. I am committed to providing the most accurate diagnosis and the best treatment options for my patients.

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Nationally Recognized leadership in the field of pain management

Pain Management Associates of Connecticut coordinates treatments designed to meet each of our patient’s individual needs. Patients with painful medical conditions and injuries can be helped through accurate diagnosis and thorough discussion of the benefits and risks of various treatment options. When developed by physicians who understand comprehensive pain management, patients benefit by reducing the time to recovery. Our physicians and providers are dedicated to the treatment of various painful and disabling conditions and injuries.

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Treatment Options

Customized, interventional treatment for your chronic pain.

Ketamine Infusion

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Our Mission is to Provide Comprehensive Quality Care

We specialize in completely customized, interventional treatment for your chronic pain. Recognizing that the medical community has only recently begun to embrace pain as a disease that needs to be treated on its own, we are highly committed to helping our patients find the proper treatment and approach so they can start feeling like themselves once again.

Very compassion and very knowledgeable team. Infusion room is local, spotless. I don’t know where I would be without this team. Dr. Carlesi stays current with his quest to help those who suffer from CRPS.


Jeffrey D.
Saw Dr Carlesi last week and feel I have FINALLY found a Dr who truly cares about someone’s legitimate pain. I have had 4 spinal fusions in the past year, severe arthritis, and now am scheduled for a total hip replacement. Needless to say, I am legitimately in pain, but have been treated so poorly by the pain management drs in this area I really was ready to give up. Now, I feel my prayers have been answered. He took so much time with me, really listening to my history, my medical issues and worked to come up with a long term plan to manage my pain.

Heart Patient

Jennifer J.

We Care About Your Health.

Patients often come to us with excruciating pain that has gone on for far too long. Our highly dedicated staff is focused on determining your accurate diagnosis and creating a comprehensive plan so that you can achieve physical peace with your body. Our ultimate goal is for you to resume an active and productive daily routine.

Quality Care That You Can Trust.

You need a doctor that not only cares about your health and well-being, but is also trustworthy and dependable. For over 20 years, Dr. Vincent Carlesi has led a team of committed health care professionals to offer top quality and compassionate care for their patients. They feel privileged that so many patients have entrusted them with their pain management, and treat each patient with the utmost respect, courtesy and care.

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