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Intrathecal Pumps


Depending on your individual needs, our office uses a variety of interventional methods to treat your pain. Once we determine the source of your pain, we design a customized plan with the ultimate goal of giving you the best results possible. With our advanced technological equipment, we are able to perform these minimally invasive procedures right in our offices.
Benefits of intrathecal pain pumps include:
◦ Reduces the need for oral medications
◦ Reduces the side effects associated with oral medications (vomiting, sleepiness, upset stomach, constipation, etc.)
◦ Trial is completed for four-seven days to determine the effectiveness of therapy
◦ Outpatient procedure with little recovery time needed
◦ Patient controlled programmer allows for pre-set parameters to control breakthrough pain
Oral and IV pain medications are absorbed into every part of your body, which can cause unwanted side effects. Most of the medication from the intrathecal pump goes directly to your spinal nerves, which means less medication and fewer side effects.

This method offers dramatic pain management with doses smaller than would be required with oral medication because the medication is delivered directly to where pain signals travel.

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